Test result

1354186010.txtConnect endangered groups in late endgameSUCCESS
1354183754.txtReduce opponentSUCCESS
1354109745.txtBlock invasionsSUCCESS
1354049838.txtBlock opponentSUCCESS
1354038134.txtCut opponent instead of filling eyeSUCCESS
1354037308.txtdon't connect secure groupsSUCCESS
1354021862.txtBlock opponentSUCCESS
1353940372.txtEnclose territorySUCCESS
1353934125.txtBetter connections in late endgameSUCCESS
1353925061.txtCut before connecting in endgameSUCCESS
1353869888.txtInvade in huge opponent eyesSUCCESS
1353864408.txtdon't explore in endgame when all groups can expand in a shared eyeSUCCESS
1353783102.txtLimiting invasions is bigger than connectingSUCCESS
1353503508.txtcut before connectingSUCCESS
1353489310.txtProtect territorySUCCESS
1353437840.txtconnect to save eyes - smaller boardSUCCESS
1353437800.txtinvasion at crunch time - smaller boardSUCCESS
1353412335.txtearly invasions when behind in influenceSUCCESS
1353355153.txtcut on the first lineSUCCESS
1353353507.txtselect best invasionSUCCESS
1353016628.txtextend more before closing eyeSUCCESS
1353014479.txtkeep more liberties in endgameSUCCESS
1353010739.txtdon't connect too earlySUCCESS
1353009327.txtdon't allow opponent to encloseSUCCESS
1352998252.txtcut when possibleSUCCESS
1352840941.txtconnect to preserve eyes in endgameSUCCESS
1352840363.txtlimit invading expansionsSUCCESS
1352750817.txtenclose territorySUCCESS
1352750167.txtdon't connect too fastSUCCESS
1352138163.txtconnect to preserve eyesSUCCESS
1352138025.txtconnect unpromising groups, especially if they have single eyesSUCCESS
1352137932.txtrestrict liberties from the group having the mostSUCCESS
1352042049.txtpotential territorySUCCESS
1352026655.txtenclose as much as possibleSUCCESS
1352024965.txtdestroy eye potentialSUCCESS
1351984711.txtdon't be surrounded too soonSUCCESS
1351981230.txtinvade in opponent has more eyes, with at least a big oneSUCCESS
1351980063.txtdon't lose points blindlySUCCESS
1351966806.txtdon't play bad explorationsSUCCESS
1351965391.txtvaluable connectionsSUCCESS
1351964375.txteyes shared with a friendly group should count as outside libertySUCCESS
1351962813.txtconnect if valuable enoughSUCCESS
1351935290.txtconnections in late endgameSUCCESS
1351873201.txtnot finding a friendly stone shouldn't give max points for exploringSUCCESS
1351870983.txtcut groups when invadingSUCCESS
1351869353.txtdon't invade if not necessarySUCCESS
1351867146.txtsplit with a better eye shapeSUCCESS
1351720023.txtinvasions can be valuableSUCCESS
1351719268.txtconnect and play shared lib, preserve inner eyesSUCCESS
1351718903.txtonly move to win: connect and take shared libSUCCESS
1351666960.txtdon't play in an opponent small eye if possible, restrict his expansions in my eyesSUCCESS
1351666088.txtwhen you're forced to play in opponent area in late endgame, select the biggest oneSUCCESS
1351620698.txtmore eyes in late endgameSUCCESS
1351542842.txtenclose firstSUCCESS
1351541334.txtmake eye firstSUCCESS
1351538542.txtexplore more in late endgameSUCCESS
1351441743.txtsplit opponent if possibleSUCCESS
1351440872.txtdon't fill eyes if possibleSUCCESS
1351422000.txtdestroy big eyesSUCCESS
1351420434.txtdon't connect too early!SUCCESS
1351418131.txtne pas remplir ses propres yeuxSUCCESS
1351418125.txtevite de se faire couperSUCCESS
1351418119.txtconnections avec deux expansionsSUCCESS
1351418111.txtplay a shared lib before an inner oneSUCCESS